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Pet Grief Counseling

At Mind Sense Counseling Group LLC, I understand the loss of a pet can leave a lasting impact on you and your loved ones because of the deep bonds we form with our beloved animals. Often it can be challenging to navigate a path forward through the grief and heaviness of this type of loss on your own.

I offer healthy ways to process these painful feelings. Reach out to me at (941) 867-2001 to make an appointment today.

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Understanding Grief After the Loss of a Pet

The animals we choose to spend our lives with always become part of our hearts and families forever. For this reason, experiencing the loss of a companion can be hard to process. For some, the grief comes in intense waves, and for others, it is a more complex daily undertaking that can negatively affect your mental well-being. Healing is not linear, and I understand it can be different for everyone.

There is no set amount of time to recover from bereavement, but it can get easier over time if you allow yourself to experience your emotions, examining each and moving through them together with a qualified professional.

Connect with Mind Sense Counseling Group LLC to book an appointment today. 

Connect with an Empathetic Pet Grief Counselor

Sorrow is a tough emotion to experience on your own. When your friends and family are not quite sure how to help soothe your pain, I will be there for you.

I am a compassionate listener who never judges, and I use my skillset to customize therapy options that are the right fit for your unique situation. Don't go through this difficult process alone. Feel free to reach out to me for support.

Benefits of Grief Counseling

When we lose one of our trusted companions, the grieving process kicks in and can be a tough road to navigate on your own. Some of the benefits of attending pet loss grief counseling sessions with me are:

  • Expressing and examining your feelings
  • Identifying your loss and how it is impacting you
  • Moving through grief toward acceptance and honoring the life of your companion
  • Learning new skills to cope with waves of grief
  • Gaining support from a trusted mental health professional during difficult moments

Trust me to guide you through your grieving process so that you can continue to live your life in honor of your lost companion. The first step is calling me to make an appointment. I will be here for you throughout your healing process, every step of the way.

Budget-Friendly Pet Loss Therapy

I am committed to making pet loss therapy affordable to people from all backgrounds. A 50-minute session costs $125. I do not work with any insurances, however, out-of-network reimbursement options are available.

Anyone can experience the unexpected bereavement of a pet at any time. Let's take the first step toward healing together.

An Experienced Pet Loss Grief Specialist in Your Area

Mind Sense Counseling Group LLC is a compassionate pet loss grief specialist. I put your needs first. I am deeply committed to your healing journey—no matter where you are in the process. Not only am I an empathetic listener, but I also provide actionable solutions that help ease your pain.

Phone my office today to set up your first appointment and ask about my telehealth system. No matter where you are, we can arrange an appointment and connect to move forward with your treatments.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or are in need of immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.