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Grief Counseling

Mind Sense Counseling Group LLC is the grief counseling specialist you can count on to assist you through difficult times. My knowledge and training cover a wide range of tools and techniques customized to your unique situation.

I am a licensed, highly skilled professional who is a great listener and I work hard to put your best interests first.

Let's take the first steps toward healing together. Connect with me today at (941) 867-2001.

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What Is Grief?

Grieving is a natural process that affects everyone in varying ways and can happen at any stage during your lifetime. For many of us, it hits hard, and we can be left feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. If you've recently experienced a loss that is affecting your ability to function, enjoy your regular activities or complete the tasks you once did with ease, you're not alone.

Allow me to put my proven grief counseling resources to work for you. Call my office today to schedule an appointment.

My Grief Counseling Services

Although grief is an inevitable part of each of our lives, losing a loved one is always a challenging reality to cope with, even when the loss can be anticipated due to illness.

My grief counseling services can help you navigate:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a pet
  • Loss of a relationship
  • Loss of employment
  • And more

Loss can be a tough thing to navigate on your own. Some days you may feel like you are doing fine, and other days, it can feel like the world is crashing in around you. I understand these feelings and will gently guide you through these struggles with great compassion and empathy.

My Grief Counseling Techniques

When your family and friends are at a loss for words, I know just what to say to help you move through your grief. Some of my techniques include:

  • Listening and understanding
  • Exploring all types of feelings
  • Understanding and processing negative thoughts
  • Addressing feelings of guilt
  • Distinguishing grief from trauma
  • Talking about the loss

Express Your Grief in Counseling

I am proud to welcome clients from all backgrounds to my clinic. I am highly trained and equipped to walk you through your grieving process— however that looks for you. I take the time to ensure you are heard and give you a space to talk about your loss without fear of judgement.

My grief counseling service can help you to:

  • Gain support and comfort
  • Make peace
  • Find meaning
  • Honor and celebrate your loved one

Please reach out to me to make an appointment.

Reach Out to Me for Grief Counseling

I go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable to express your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or are in need of immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.